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Come join me on the 6th of September
to start learning how to:


Tone your whole body in a balanced way 
Learn to move without strain! This class will be an excellent support to help you prevent injury and unleash more strength for other fitness you enjoy. 
Body Awareness 
You will learn about your anatomy so you can help look after yourself throughout your life for whatever movement/fitness practice you enjoy. This is a Contemporary Pilates class using the latest movement science.
Energize & Relax
You will learn the anatomy of your breath, so you can work with your body instead of against it.

More Info

1st block. 7wks: 6th September - 18th October. £63.

(works out at £9 a class).

The 6th is the taster class (email me to book).

After that I'll be taking payment bookings for the rest of the block (13th - 18th October £54).

You are welcome to pay £63 for the full block now too of course (6th - 18th oct). 

Weekly class. 

Small class size


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