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  Joseph and Clara Pilates were a couple working in the early 20th century to improve people's physical fitness. Its principles of Breath, Centering, Control and Precision are still alive today, but Its effectiveness as physical therapy is also due to its constant evolution alongside contemporary movement science. 

Recovering from an injury or been diagnosed with a condition? 

Pilates is your next step after diagnosis by a medical professional: regular sessions will help you understand more precisely a program given to you by a physio, osteopath, chiropractor or personal trainer. Pilates can help you deepen you're understanding of your program and how it relates to your body. Many people take up Pilates long-term regular practice. 

Do you want to improve your ability at a specific sport and help to prevent injury?

Because this approach is highly tailored to you’re body, it will help ease or remove pain and enhance performance for whatever sport you enjoy. 

This tailored approach will really focus on what your body needs, as opposed to trying to force your body to fit around set exercises. I’ll show you the movement principles that make Pilates so effective and work with you so you feel more empowered and knowledgeable about your own body. I can show you how to warm up, cool down, and move throughout your activity most effectively. 

Understanding the underlying principles of movement will enable you to relieve yourself of old patterns, and be empowered to enhance your practice outside of the Pilates class. We will look at how your bodily micro-signatures might be improved by finding new pathways.

Pilates can improve the efficiency and efficacy of movement, helping you do more for less. 

In my own practice, and especially during my Contemporary Dance Degree from Laban, I found the application and understanding of Pilates principles to be of great value in taking care of my overall physical wellbeing and improving the integrity of my movements.

Suffering from work-related movement habits?

Do you want to undo computer posture, or learn how to protect your body while at work?

Work often discourages us from taking ourselves physically, leading to as wide a range of bodily problems as there are jobs. Whether you need assistance in counter-balancing computer-posture, or have gotten into bad lifting habits while working more manually, the first step to working smarter (and happier!) is to understand these issues at a fundamental level. The grounding of contemporary Pilates in movement science, and its bio-architectural approach to problem solving makes it the best vehicle for attending to and assisting the repair of work-worn bodies. 

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