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Pilates bio

I trained with Evolve Movement Education, mentored by Ana Barretxeguren; an internationally renowned Pilates teacher trainer. I am so grateful to the Evolve training for teaching me in-depth anatomy without losing site of the whole. Their inspired and progressive teaching has enabled me now to treat people on an individual level and delight in the work. With them I also learnt about how using Biotensegrity principles can create whole body strength without strain. 

I also hold a specific matwork Pilates qualification from Tula Training.



I started regular Pilates as a teenager, thanks to my mum who is also a teacher! (Pilates Foundation).  She taught me mat and on the equipment, which helped with my rounded teenage shoulders and knee pain. Excitingly it also gave me the foundation to get onto the Contemporary BA at the Laban Conservatoire. I did my audition with very little ballet experience, however, the teacher auditioning me liked that I understood the foundational principles of movement - Thank you Pilates! Which gave me the body awareness and precision to apply the ballet technique.

At Laban I received creative and movement science classes which has made me value the integration of both forms. The practical classes taught me what it means to feel that physically. 


 Training as a Pilates instructor after my degree has showed me where the dance training needed to be refined to prevent injury and improve results. I would love to pass on what I’ve learnt to any young aspiring dancer today. 

Pilates Ethos

I think I forced my body a lot in my dance degree, found my limits, went through years of chronic fatigue, and now here I am; very interested in the efficiency and enjoyment of movement.  

Training as a Pilates teacher has facilitated this next step in my journey to respecting the body and working intelligently.  

In both my mat and equipment classes you'll learn how important the breath is as a foundation for easeful and strong movement. As a principle, I've learnt how effective it is to soften any uneccassary tension before building strength. And you'll learn how to isolate parts of the body to improve mobility, and crucially how to integrate it all to create ease and strength. 

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