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Cant find a class that suits you?

If we get enough interest there is nothing stopping us from starting an intermediate or advanced class. Get in contact. 

Or why not come to the studio for some 121's!

What can Pilates do for you?

Develop mind - body connection


Enjoy whole-body strength

Move with ease and grace

Improve your focus

Great for computer posture/stiffness

Restore functional movement

Help protect against injuries

Improve your sporting performance

Remove aches and pains by creating a balanced body

What is Pilates?

Pilates was developed in the early 1900s by Joseph Pilates. He created it as a way to improve general health from the effects of modern life (mechanization was affecting peoples posture even then!). He also used it to rehabilitate wounded soldiers.


Pilates is always evolving with the latest movement science, which is one of the reasons I will never get bored of it, and why it is so effective. There are mat classes which can include a range of small equipment and the larger Pilates machines. These machines take Pilates to the next level, they are incredibly effective and will create results much quicker, not to mention they're fun to use! On the Reformer you can jump lying down with half your body weight! Below are photo's of my mum teaching clients in her studio in Hastings. 

Due to the focus required Pilates is most suited to people over the age of approx 13yrs.

Why I teach Pilates

We all need encouragement to get into our bodies these days, and Pilates is a great way to tackle stress and computer posture. I got chronic-fatigue after my dance degree, so now I use Pilates to energize and relax. I actually find this gentler approach far more effective for creating long-lasting and sustainable strength than when I was overworking. I have been practicing Pilates for 11 years, and see Pilates as a tool for life. It's a deep movement journey that's imaginative and precise.


Come feel great in your body and relax your mind with exercises expertly designed to create balance and ease.

I see Pilates is an intelligent way to get strong.  


My training and background

I started practicing mat & equipment Pilates with my mum (Pilates Foundation) at the age of 13.


I have a BA in Contemporary Dance from The Laban Conservatoire. 


I finished my mat level 3 with Carolyn Bailey at Tula Training in December 2018.


I have been teaching since then at The Body Junction in Bexhill, Hastings College, St Leonards Yoga studio, The Wellington Centre, and The Beacon, as well as teaching 121's and 221's.


This September I'll be starting equipment training with Ana Barretxeguren at the Brighton Pilates Studio in Hove.

Classes Levels explained


Although everyone learns at a different pace, your a beginner for about a year at a rough estimate.  I still enjoy doing beginner's classes because the principles are so important and interesting. You learn how and where to initiate, which includes breath, alignment, and attitude!

Beginners - Improvers

Leveling classes is really difficult as a teacher because everyone is so different, and my approach is to help the exersises work for you, instead of making you work to fit into the box! Even when you've done a few Pilates classes, coming to a new teacher can feel very different and take some getting used to, which is why this class is open to first-timers and people who have already tried a few. If you've tried going to a large class where you don't get individual attention, you might want to come to this level to really learn the principles and how they fit your body. 


A class for people who want o develop and challenge their technique. I still start the class with a rigorous warm-up, so you're sure to use the right muscles when tackling the harder exercises. You should have a good idea of what 'neutral' pelvis and spine means before attending, or you can book some 121's with me first: This is a fantastic way to be challenged whilst understanding safe alignment for your body.

Mixed Level

A class taught with progressions and adaptations. If you're a beginner you'll get the most out of the class with a short course of 121's before you start a group class. We don't do many reps in a Pilates class, and I always say challenge yourself so long as you can maintain the right technique. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone though, and although I provide adaptations you always need to listen to your body, and not push it too far. This takes practice which is why having the outside eye in a 121 is so helpful. 

Pilates for Dancers

 Pilates is a great tool to help you move with utmost efficiency, and helps protect from injury. It teaches you body awareness and anatomical function to deeply improve your dance technique. Suitable for any age above 13yrs. If your not training to be a dancer or in the professional world already, but enjoy challenging and dynamic movement get in contact and we can discuss if the class will suit you.

Ballet Barre

Fast paced cardio class designed to make you sweat. Combining Pilates, Ballet and fitness. We use a small Relevé, and work in parallel & turned-out. If you have knee issues, ie. poor patella tracking, you might struggle with the fast pace in turn-out, so best to see a physio or see me for 121's first. Using the Reformer, Cadillac, and Chair are great ways to train safe alignment before taking aerobic or fitness classes.

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